Florida Peninsula

The Florida Peninsula ecoregion, approximately 19 million acres, includes a large portion of the state of Florida. It lies north of Tropical Florida and south of the East Gulf Coastal Plain and South Atlantic Coastal Plain ecoregions. Most of the coastal areas are heavily developed, but much of the interior is still in rural land uses.

TNC conservation targets for the Florida Peninsula ecoregion included 56 ecological systems (of which 21 are aquatic or marine), as well as 142 taxa of plants, 19 of fish, 27 of herpetofauna, 40 of birds, 18 of mammals, and 64 of invertebrates. The five largest managed areas are the Ocala National Forest (383,180 acres), Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (138,263 acres), Withlacoochee State Forest (128,750 acres), Green Swamp (119,365 acres) and Avon Park Bombing Range (106,110 acres).

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